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Backend Engineer

US timezones

About Hex

Hex is a modern Data Workspace for teams. With Hex, Analysts and Data Scientists can explore, analyze, and visualize in collaborative notebooks, and then share their work as interactive data apps that anyone can use. This gives Data teams new superpowers, breaks down silos, and empowers organizations to be truly data-driven. We are looking for folks who are excited to collaborate with us in shaping the technology, product, and culture of our growing team.

About the role

We are looking for a senior engineer who is eager to take ownership over large swaths of our backend infrastructure. As one of our early senior hires, you will partner closely with our founders on the direction of our technical and product road-map. You will ship major initiatives that fundamentally change the way that Data Scientists and Analysts operate. This type of ownership will provide incredible opportunities for personal and professional growth. You will have ample technical and team leadership opportunities, depending on your interests.

Our product is a web-based notebook and app authoring platform. Our frontend is built with Typescript and React, using a combination of Apollo GraphQL and Redux for managing application state and data. On the backend, we also use Typescript to power an Express/Apollo GraphQL server that interacts with Postgres, Redis, and Kubernetes to manage our database and Python kernels. Our backend is tightly integrated with our infrastructure and CI/CD, where we use a combination of Terraform, Helm, and AWS to deploy and maintain our stack.

Some of the interesting technical challenges that you will get to work on include:

  • Implementing a Kubernetes-backed, scalable compute platform for running user code.
  • Designing new architectures to facilitate expansion of execution and deployment features.
  • Securing and maintaining infrastructure to ensure sensitive data is handled responsibly.
  • Building and deploying caching and query services to ensure fast performance for user applications.
  • Leading other engineers and collaborating with designers to deliver a delightful end user experience.

About You

We're looking for engineers who have:

  • Experience architecting and implementing backend systems.
  • An ability to lead major backend architecture decisions and initiatives.
  • An instinct for strategic thinking and aligning with business and product goals while keeping a healthy balance of velocity and engineering excellence.
  • Experience maintaining a high quality bar for design, correctness, and testing.
  • Interest in the data space, and a love of shipping great products and building tools that empower end users to do more.
  • Curiosity and an interest in diving into the bigger picture of building a company, including go-to-market, customer development, people, and marketing.


What is our approach to remote work?

Hex has been fully remote since March 2020 will always have a flexible work-anywhere policy. In addition to our small hub in San Francisco, Hex is hiring teammates across all US time zones. To ensure everyone has a working environment in which they feel comfortable and productive, we have a home workstation budget and a coworking space budget. Our remote team spans across the US and we’re committed to growing and sustaining a thriving distributed team.

What are our return to office plans?

For those who prefer an in-office environment, we have a workspace in SF, and offer a coworking space budget for folks in other locations. To be eligible to work in these spaces, team members must be vaccinated and we will continue to follow the most current public health guidelines in determining our ability and capacity to work together in this space.

What can I expect from the interview process?

Your process will start with one to two conversations with the team, where you’ll get the opportunity to learn about Hex and we’ll gain a better understanding of your experience and interests. From there, we have a technical screen, which is a basic coding and data structures problem. For the final round, we’ll do both a technical and product deep dive, based on your area of expertise, and a final interview with the CTO.

All of our interview questions are designed based on real challenges we’ve had to solve in our day to day work. We never ask trick questions, brain teasers, or “gotchas”. We optimize for transparency in the process, as well as providing interview feedback along the way, regardless of outcome.


Caitlin Colgrove, CTO (