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Chief of Staff

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About Hex

Hex is a modern Data Workspace for teams. With Hex, Analysts and Data Scientists can explore, analyze, and visualize in collaborative notebooks, and then share their work as interactive data apps that anyone can use. This gives Data teams new superpowers, breaks down siloes, and empowers organizations to be truly data-driven.

About the role

As Chief of Staff, you will touch everything across the company, working directly with the CEO, CTO, and Leads to move the business forward. In many ways you will be building and running the infrastructure that enables the rest of Hex to thrive. At other companies this might be defined as "Head of Ops" or similar.

This role is not just a glorified admin; scheduling meetings isn't the best use of your time. You will be given significant responsibility, and expected to be strategic, scrappy, self-motivated.

There is no typical day, but there are a few primary areas you will be responsible for driving. For some, it's about building a "v1" until we bring in dedicated functional lead. Others are strategic themes you will own long-term. It might feel like a grab bag, but the projects here are critical to us scaling effectively.

Planning and Execution

You will be central to strategy definition and execution across our business. This includes driving our quarterly planning process, developing KPIs, and partnering with our team to make sure we're measuring and meeting our goals. You will basically get a top-down view of everything Hex.


Owning the "v1" of our financial operations, including forecasting, spend analysis, and process management.


Owning the "v1" of our People operations. This will span everything from pipeline to onboarding to comp, with a focus on making sure our amazing people feel supported as they do their best work.


Building and running processes that help us thrive as we grow. This encompasses everything from ad-hoc security projects to quarterly offsites to real estate planning.

Special Projects

Interesting commercial partnerships, weird one-off situations, and opportunistic fundraises: you'd be right at the center of pulling these together when they arise.

About you

We can imagine folks from many backgrounds succeeding in this role. Whatever your experience, you will definitely need to be a few things:

Creating order from chaos: you’re a process-builder and machine-operator. You aren’t intimidated by disorder, and naturally gravitate toward creating clarity and cohesion.

Business stuff: you understand the basics of how companies - especially fast-growing startups - operate, and have experience or interest in metrics, planning, organization, and finances.

Analytically-mindedness: you are data-oriented, and at home with both spreadsheets and SQL.

GSD: you’re motivated, scrappy, and love checking things off your well-organized to-do list. You do a great job of communicating status and setting expectations.

Love of learning: you’re excited to take on new challenges, understand new concepts, and are fine being pointed at a problem and figuring it out. You’re looking for a role that will give you exposure to a lot of new things.

Exceptional partnership: you thrive on working with others to make things better. You aren’t motivated by ego or territoriality. You’re trustworthy, high-integrity, and can handle being read in to sensitive topics.

Bonus points for:

  • Background in the data space (can understand and use our product)
  • Prior experience in a CoS, BizOps, or HR/People Ops role
  • Have worked at a startup, in any capacity, and understand the unique dynamics of early stage companies


Write an email to our CEO with a bit about yourself, and why you think you'd be an exceptional fit for the role.