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Cloud Engineer

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About Hex

Hex's mission is to empower everyone to do more with data, together. Our platform changes the way Data teams work, giving them new superpowers, breaking down silos, and allowing organizations to be truly data-driven. Hex solves key pain points with today's data and analytics tooling, and is loved by our users for the beautiful UI, breakthrough capabilities, and boundless flexibility.

We are a tight-knit crew of engineers, designers, and data aficionados. Our roadmap is full of big ideas and little details, and we would love your help bringing them to life.

Hex has raised over $21.5m from great VCs and angels, giving us many years of runway and the ability to pay competitive salaries, offer great benefits, and provide meaningful equity.

Watch a demo of Hex on our homepage, read more on our blog, or check out our handbook for a better sense of what it's like to work here.

About the role

We're looking for an experienced Cloud Engineer to join as a member of our core team. You will have broad impact over the technology, the product, and our company's culture.

Our central product is a web-based notebook and app authoring platform built on top of Kubernetes and AWS, which we are building with an emphasis on reliability, performance, and security.

As a Cloud Engineer at Hex, you will be responsible for:

  • Designing, building and maintaining the infrastructure used to run Hex in our multi-tenant, single-tenant, and self-hosted versions
  • Implementing and maintaining internal tools to facilitate the development, testing, and building of the core product
  • Writing code to automate processes for spinning up infrastructure, dev environments, and other tools
  • Setting up tools to monitor infrastructure and product performance, stability and security
  • Collaborating with core engineering to design and plan core infrastructure features needed to support the product
  • Helping grow the team and build an intentional culture

About you

We're looking for engineers who have:

  • A passion for building high quality production grade infrastructure that inspires confidence internally and externally
  • Experience with the core infrastructure products that Hex is run on including Kubernetes, AWS, and Terraform
  • Interest and curiosity about the bigger picture of building a company, including go-to-market, customer development, people, and marketing
  • At least 3-5 years experience as a Cloud Engineer

It's also great if you have:

  • Worked with other products that Hex uses for infrastructure
  • Vault, Kots/Replicated, Postgres, CircleCI, New Relic
  • Experience in building/customizing infrastructure to work in a variety of customer environments
  • Experience in data analysis / data science, using, building, or integrating with modern technologies (e.g. Python notebooks, modern BI tools, data pipelines)