Product Expert

About Hex

Hex is building a modern data analysis platform to empower data teams to have outsize impact within their organizations. With Hex, users can easily connect to data, build and collaborate on analyses, and turn their work into beautiful data-driven apps usable by everyone.

Our current team is focused primarily on engineering and design. We're all working remotely, plan to do so for the foreseeable future, and will always offer first-class support for remote team members.

We're backed by great VC funds and angels, so we're able to offer competitive salary and meaningful early-stage equity. We also offer unlimited PTO, flexible benefits, free lunch, and more.

Though we're small, we value building a thoughtful and intentional company culture. We prioritize autonomy, quality, feedback, and bias toward action. You might be a good fit to join us if you enjoy building thoughtful products, empowering users, and helping data teams do their best work.

About the role

The Product Expert is a critical role that will give you exposure to everything at Hex.

Our focus is on building a valuable product that users love, and all your work will feed into that. You will engage with our users, help them understand Hex, synthesize their feedback, and build the infrastructure to support our growing customer base.

You will also work closely with Engineering and Design to research, scope, and roll out new product features based on user needs and feedback.

Hex is an early-stage company, and the right person for this role should be able to thrive in an unstructured environment. You will be expected to self-direct, be comfortable navigating ambiguity, and drive the evolution of the scope and focus of your role over time.

In the near-term, expect a lot of hands-on, nitty-gritty work, often needing to flex in to other areas and wear new hats, including occasionally plugging in on Ops, Marketing, or Sales until we have dedicated people in those functions.

In the mid-to-long-term, expect an increasing amount of specialization into a deeper role, with a goal of eventually building and scaling a team.

Core responsibilities will include:

  • Working with users through the lifecycle from onboarding to implementation to day-to-day support, including serving as front-line for issues and ongoing engagement.
  • Translating user feedback and needs to well-scoped requirements, and working with Engineering and Design to deliver them in the platform.
  • Building infrastructure around user onboarding and support, such as our waitlist, support channels, and customer communications.
  • Tracking metrics and measurement on user engagement and behavior.
  • Crafting well-written user-facing communications and documentation.

About You

We're looking for candidates with:

  • Experience as a working data scientist, analyst, or engineer, using SQL, Python, or R; or comparable, direct experience building products in this space.
  • A demonstrated aptitude for partnering with internal or external stakeholders.
  • Excellent communication skills, both written and live, with an emphasis on clarity, concision, and candor.
  • A high rate of learning, natural curiosity, and eagerness to debate opinions to find truth.
  • A passion for team work, and willingness to be patient, provide honest feedback, and help us build an awesome company culture.

A 🦄 candidate will also have:

  • Experience in an internal or external user-facing role (such as Product Manager, Customer Success, Support, Advocate, Solution Engineer, etc.) with a demonstrated ability to build high-trust relationships.
  • Familiarity with the contemporary data stack across ETL, storage, BI, ML, and everything between, with a demonstrated ability to stay up to date with new developments.
  • Experience with team management, including hiring and org design.


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