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Product Marketing Lead

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TL;DR: We're looking for someone to establish and lead our product marketing strategy, focusing on content, community, and positioning. You will be the first growth hire, empowered to build a program, team, and category from the ground up.

About Hex

Hex is building a modern Data Workspace for teams. With Hex, you can explore, analyze, and visualize data using SQL and Python in collaborative notebooks, and then share your work as interactive data apps and stories that anyone can use. By providing new super powers and solving key pain points, we empower data teams to help drive impact and decisions.

About the role

This is a role with broad responsibilities: you will fully own positioning, content development, engagement with customers, and have significant influence on our product direction and team. At an even higher level, you will drive development of a new category of data tools for Hex to lead.

To succeed, you need to deeply understand the data analytics market and our target users. You don't have to be a Data Scientist by trade, but should have a working knowledge of the modern data stack, empathize with key pain points, and have an interest in going deep on this space.

You will be responsible for all of our external communications, including the marketing copy on our site and other channels. Your primary focus will be how to concisely and clearly explain Hex to potential users. You will drive planning and execution for our blog and Public App Gallery, but also have a lot of license to experiment with new formats like video, podcasts, events, and more.

While you will start in a scrappy doer role, as a Lead the expectation is that you will hire and scale a team over as we grow.

Hex is an early-stage company, and the right person for this role should thrive in an unstructured environment. You will be expected to self-direct, be comfortable navigating ambiguity, and drive the evolution of the scope and focus of your role over time.

What we need from you

You’ll be responsible for driving awareness, interest, and usage for Hex. In particular, we have a bunch of open questions that we need you to answer:

  • How to best position Hex within the data and analytics landscape?
  • What will it take to define a new category of data tools?
  • What kind of content will best engage and drive awareness of Hex in the data community?
  • How can we best showcase all the awesome things Hex can do?
  • What features should we be promoting externally and exposing to new users?
  • How can we build a community of users who engage with each other and make Hex an exciting place to build and share?
  • How can our free-to-use Community Edition product provide authentic value for users, while providing on-ramps for customers who need more?

This is not just a strategy role - we need someone to figure out these questions and execute on those answers. On a typical day, you might find yourself crafting a content plan that helps drive awareness of Hex, as well as spending an hour responding to user feedback on a support forum.

We expect there to be a good deal of writing and communication involved with this role. You will create (and help others create) interesting, valuable content for data science and analytics teams, while telling Hex’s story to the community in a compelling, authentic way. This role will also give you a broad, end-to-end view of our business, as you will need to partner closely with Sales, Engineering, Product, Support, Design, and basically everyone else to succeed.

We're not big on titles or hierarchy, so we're open to folks coming from a number of levels, from IC to VP, as long as they're excited and motivated and willing to get their hands dirty.

Who you might be

You will need to wear an almost wacky number of hats, so we’re open to anyone who can be impactful - whatever your background is. There are a few specific things we’ll be looking for that will help you succeed in this role:

  • You deeply understand analytics and data science, the problems teams have, and what it means to make life easier for them
  • You’ve written content for a technical audience, and don’t shy away from doing it (even if it’s not easy)
  • You’ve been part of a technical community - even if just as a lurker - and you’ve seen what engaged, active users look like
  • You’re comfortable talking to users, understanding their problems, and sharing what you have learned with our team
  • You're resourceful, scrappy, and able to deal with ambiguity on what to do and how to do it

You will be a truly standout candidate if:

  • You have worked with SQL and/or Python, and have an interest in learning new tools and techniques
  • You have hired and managed a team in the past
  • You have a track record of growth and mentorship


Write us a note with a bit about yourself and why you are a great fit: