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Sales Engineering Lead

About Hex

Hex is transforming data analysis workflows, by making them more accessible, collaborative, and shareable. With Hex, users can turn their analyses into interactive data applications that anyone can use, allowing them to better communicate and amplify their work.

Our platform makes it easy to query data sources like Snowflake and BigQuery, author logic in SQL and Python notebooks, collaborate in real-time, and easily build interactive UIs. Data apps built in Hex can take the form of reports, dashboards, and tools, and are easily accessible by anyone, making Data teams work useful and usable by anyone in their organization.

About the role

tl;dr: we're looking for someone with experience bringing new tools to data teams to lead Sales Engineering and accelerate our growth.

The Sales Engineering Lead is a critical role that will put you on point for driving the growth of teams using Hex. This role will be responsible for owning our core sales cycle, from qualified lead to signed account.

This is a broad role, with more ownership and purview than most comparable positions. You will be responsible for customer qualification, proof-of-concept/trialing, pricing, onboarding, and implementation.

In the near-term, expect a lot of hands-on, nitty-gritty work, often needing to flex in to other areas and wear new hats, including occasionally plugging in on Ops, Marketing, or Product until we have dedicated people in those functions.

In the mid-to-long-term, expect an increasing amount of specialization into a deeper role, with a goal of eventually building and scaling a team.

Hex is an early-stage company, and the right person for this role should be able to thrive in an unstructured environment. You will be expected to self-direct, be comfortable navigating ambiguity, and drive the evolution of the scope and focus of your role over time.

What we need from you

You’ll be responsible for turning bottoms-up interest and usage into paid customer accounts. In particular, we have a bunch of open questions that we need you to answer:

  • What are the right qualification steps for potential customers?
  • How should trials / proofs-of-concepts work? How can we speed the time to help customers see tangible value in Hex?
  • How should we price and package Hex? How can we appeal to the broadest set of teams while making sure we're recognized for value we provide?
  • What features will help us unlock successively larger customers?
  • What are the right handoff and interaction points between Solution Eng / Sales and Customer Support / Success?

This is not just a strategy role - we need someone to figure out these questions and execute on those answers. On a typical day, you might find yourself developing a new pricing strategy for our product, building a deck for an enterprise proposal, and helping a user get a data connection set up.

Product and Engineering partnership will be an important part of the role: you should be able to identify customer needs, evaluate how much that need is worth, and clearly communicate that need to the team.

The role will also work closely with Growth on how we grow and hand off leads, Support on helping new and existing customers find value, and the rest of the leadership team on basically everything else as we grow the business.

Who you might be

The Sales Engineering role will suit someone who understands the space and knows how sales cycles work, even if you have never served as a traditional "AE". There are a few specific things we’ll be looking for that will help you succeed in this role:

  • You deeply understand analytics and data science, the problems teams have, and what it means to make life easier for them
  • You have operated in a Sales / Solution Engineering (or comparable) role in the past, and have helped drive complicated sales cycles from demo to signature
  • You have specific exposure to inside sales / bottoms-up driven motions, including tactics for user outreach, qualification, and account navigation
  • You're great with users, and love doing demos and helping customers get set up with a new product
  • You do not need experience as an Account Executive, but should have a very clear understanding of what they do, and be able to take on some of the core responsibilities where needed
  • You are a proven leader, and have managed and scaled teams in the past


Write us a note with a bit about yourself and why you are a great fit: