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Solution Engineer

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About Hex

Hex is a modern Data Workspace for teams. With Hex, Analysts and Data Scientists can explore, analyze, and visualize in collaborative notebooks, and then share their work as interactive data apps that anyone can use. This gives Data teams new superpowers, breaks down silos, and empowers organizations to be truly data-driven. We are looking for folks who are excited to collaborate with us in shaping the technology, product, and culture of our growing team.

About the Solution Engineer role

Hex's user base is growing fast. We are hiring a Solution Engineer to partner with potential and current customers to make them successful with Hex.

As a Solution Engineer, you will leverage your expertise to support customers as they use Hex. You will work closely with Sales, Engineering, Product, and Customer team members to understand our users, speak to Hex's unique capabilities, and provide input to our product roadmap.

Depending on your background and interests, you could start at or move into a Lead role, where you will hire and manage a team of Solution Engineers.

About You

You will be on the front line of working with Hex customers throughout their lifecycle, from initial trialing to expansion.

Our users are "analytically technical" (think: Data Scientist or Analyst writing SQL and Python). You will be responsible for meeting them where they are, building a relationship, and helping them get the most out of Hex.

On a typical day, you will spend a lot of time connecting with users to understand their needs. This could start with a demo, or an interactive session building a Hex project. By digging into their workflows, pain points, and goals, you will build a picture of how to make them successful with Hex. You might also connect with more senior customer stakeholders to help them understand how Hex fits into their data stack, or how they could get more out of it.

For existing customers, you will help ensure they stay successful by serving as a primary contact for technical questions and use case development. This could look like rotating on support, closing the loop on a feature request, or facilitating group training sessions.

Beyond point-to-point work, you will develop technical content to help users get and stay successful with Hex, including demo projects, documentation, and videos.

This is a deeply cross-functional role. You will of course work closely with Sales to qualify and pursue new opportunities, and with our Customer team to support users throughout their lifecycle. But you will also have close ties with Product and Engineering, and play a key role in gathering and translating user feedback, weighing in on roadmap, and helping deliver new features.

To start, you will report to the CEO, and work closely with him as we build out our Customer function.

You will be doing all of this within an early-stage startup. Our team is seasoned and professional, but of course there are lots of open questions and ambiguity, and you should be ready to embrace that.

Who you might be

You might be a fit for this role if you have:

  • 3-5 years experience in a Solution / Sales / Forward Deployed / Customer / Field Engineering-type role.
  • Familiarity with Data Science tooling and workflows, including Python, SQL, and BI tools. Bonus points if you have spent lots of time in notebooks, SQL IDEs, or app-building frameworks.
  • A strong track record of talking to customers - from IC users to senior stakeholders - and solving their problems.
  • You're an excellent communicator who builds understanding, shares feedback, and grows successful relationships with internal and external stakeholders.
  • A generalist technical skillset: you don't need a CS degree, but should have a passion and interest for technology and be able to MacGyver a solution to anything.
  • Experience or interest in working in an early-stage startup environment.


Barry McCardel, CEO (