Hex vs. Jupyter notebooks

With Hex you can explore data faster in a modern collaborative notebook UI. Full SQL and Python support, integrated AI assist, and a powerful data app builder make it easy to create interactive experiences anyone can use.

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One platform endless possibilities

Hex brings everything together. Integrated queries, notebooks, effortless collaboration, powerful AI tools, and easy dashboard creation and sharing – all built in.


Version controls via history logging and cell locking

Reactive, graph-based compute model solves interpretability and reproducibility challenges

Includes pre-installed package management

Converts code to polished, shareable data app with one click

Supports Python, SQL, R and no-code in the same, unified workspace

Fully hosted in the cloud

Purpose-built for multiplayer collaboration

Runs locally

Integrate your whole data workflow

SQL, Python, R or no-code, together in harmony

SQL, Python, R or no-code, together in harmony

Traditional notebooks were built for data practitioners looking to work with Python, but they aren’t accessible to the vast majority of people who work with data. Finally, SQL, Python, R, and no-code users can work together in the same workspace.

Built for today’s collaborative, 
cloud-native teams

Built for today’s collaborative, 
cloud-native teams

Hex is a hosted notebook solution that was created to drive real-time, multiplayer collaboration, literally in one URL. Gone are the days of static screenshots of charts or weekly emailed report outputs. No more concerns over version controls or reproducibility.

Magical AI tools to accelerate your work

Magical AI tools to accelerate your work

Hex’s AI tools bring LLM capabilities right where you’re already working. You can now generate queries and code, create visualizations from scratch, or even a full analysis all from natural language so you can focus on what matters.

We wanted a tool as powerful and flexible as Jupyter notebooks, as shareable and collaborative as Google Sheets, and as scalable as an enterprise BI platform. It’s a little on-the-nose, but that’s how I view Hex.
Alex Sacco

Alex Sacco  ·   Sr. Director of DataOps and Analytics at Bluecore

Infinite Lambda
Hex has the best parts of using a Jupyter notebook without the limitations. I hadn’t really experienced being able to slip really quickly between the logic and the application builder view before Hex.
Nina Anderson

Nina Anderson  ·  Head of Pre-Sales Engineering at Infinite Lambda

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Data Science

Dive into the world of data science with Python & SQL. Master techniques through real-world examples. Try Hex for free.


Sentiment Analysis

Decipher subjective information in text to determine its polarity and subjectivity, explore advanced techniques and Python libraries for sentiment analysis.


Time Series

Time series forecasting in Python is a powerful tool for predicting future values based on historical data. Discover meaningful patterns and trends to make better decisions and improve your business's bottom line.


KPI Dashboards

Track and monitor your business KPIs (key performance indicators) with ease using our interactive SQL and Python dashboard. Get insights into sales performance, customer satisfaction, operational efficiency and more.


Exploratory Analysis

Exploratory data analysis (EDA) in Python is a powerful tool that can help you to understand your data, identify patterns, and make better decisions. Hex comes pre-installed with a wide range of Python libraries, making it a popular choice for EDA.



Learn efficient reporting techniques with practical examples to bring your business data to life. Build interactive reports, beautiful dashboards, and rich data stories with Hex.

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