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Modernize your notebook workflows with speed, collaboration, and SQL too — all in the cloud

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One platform

endless possibilities.

Hex brings everything together. Integrated workflows, effortless collaboration, and easy sharing — all built in.


Traditional notebook

Version controls via history logging and cell locking

Reactive, graph-based compute model solves interpretability and reproducibility challenges

Includes pre-installed package management

Runs locally

Purpose-built for multiplayer collaboration

Fully hosted in the cloud

Supports Python, SQL, R and no-code in the same, unified workspace

Converts code to polished, shareable data app with one click

Meet data practitioners where they are

Traditional notebooks were built for data practitioners looking to work with Python, but they aren’t accessible to the vast majority of people who work with data — such as the millions of SQL users out there! Hex is a compelling alternative for data teams looking to solve data problems with speed and collaboration. Hex was built on a low floor, high ceiling philosophy — it’s accessible to anyone, without constraining the most technical users.

Finally, SQL, Python, R, and no-code users can work together in the same collaborative workspace.


Purpose-built for today’s collaborative, cloud-native teams

Hex is a hosted notebook solution that was created to drive real-time, multiplayer collaboration. Any number of data practitioners can work together to solve a data problem within a project. Any number of stakeholders can freely view the outputs of that project as an interactive data app. Gone are the days of static screenshots of charts or weekly emailed report outputs. And alas, no more concerns over version controls or reproducibility.


"We wanted a tool as powerful and flexible as Jupyter notebooks, as shareable and collaborative as Google Sheets, and as scalable as an enterprise BI platform. It’s a little on-the-nose, but that’s how I view Hex."

Alex Sacco


"Hex has the best parts of using a Jupyter notebook without the limitations. I hadn’t really experienced being able to slip really quickly between the logic and the application builder view before Hex."

Nina Anderson

Infinite Lambda

Build anything with data

Get started with one of our many templates, from complex ML forecasting to critical business dashboards.

ad-hoc cover

Ad-hoc exploration

Izzy Miller, Dev Advocate at Hex

Answer complex questions fast, and communicate results clearly

interactive stories cover

Interactive Data stories

Izzy Miller

Build rich, interactive data stories and documents

SQL notebooks grid image

SQL Notebooks

Izzy Miller

The most powerful SQL IDE ever made

EDA grid image

Exploratory Data Analysis

Izzy Miller

Make EDA easy with Hex's powerful data platform

Text to SQL

Text to SQL Chatbot

Jordan East

Learn how to build your own text to SQL chatbot in Hex using OpenAI and LangChain

Polyglot grid image

Polyglot Notebooks

Polyglot notebooks for data science

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