How to Boost Collaboration between Product and Data teams

Defining and testing an activation metric for product-led growth using an interactive data app.
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I'm pleased to share a behind-the-scenes look at how the Hex team leverages our own platform to generally foster collaboration between product and data teams, and specifically redefine key activation metrics for the business.

Data Driven From Day One

Hex isn't just a tool we use; it's ingrained in our DNA. From our company’s earliest days, our focus has been on keeping stakeholders engaged throughout the data journey. As a data analyst at Hex, I've witnessed firsthand how our platform empowers us to move swiftly in exploration and iteration phases, without the immediate concern of production constraints.

One great example of data team collaboration with the business was an initiative with the product team to redefine activation metrics—an essential task for any product growth team. Together with Jo, our product manager, we embarked on a journey to refine this critical metric. Jo explained the significance of activation as a precursor to user retention or conversion, highlighting the challenge of crafting a “right definition” that's both universal and actionable.

Test, Test, Test

To tackle this challenge, I leaned into Hex's capabilities to build interactive apps. These apps allowed Jo to effortlessly test several activation definitions, facilitating quick hypothesis generation and validation. Through deep dives into predictive analytics, including survival analysis, we honed in on the most impactful activation criteria.

Our collaborative effort culminated in the refinement of the activation metric: users creating 10 cells within their first 14 days. This concise definition not only aligned with company objectives but also proved actionable for the product team. Subsequent initiatives, such as A/B testing and product refinements, were orchestrated to drive user behavior towards this milestone.

Implementation and Impact

Transitioning from analysis to implementation, I seamlessly integrated the new metric into Hex's operational framework. Leveraging Hex's integration with dbt, the metric found its way into business reviews and prospect scoring mechanisms, amplifying its impact across diverse functions within the organization.

This project underscored Hex's commitment to fostering collaboration and innovation with data. By harnessing Hex's capabilities, we've democratized data-driven decision-making, empowering stakeholders in the product org to make smart business decisions that deliver meaningful outcomes.  This epitomizes the synergy between product vision and analytical rigor. As we continue to grow, our dedication to collaborative data practices remains unwavering, paving the way for your future breakthroughs in data-driven decision-making.

Here at Hex, we're creating a platform that makes it easy to build and share interactive data products that can help teams be more impactful.