Six Reasons Hex and Snowflake Work Great Together

Why you should pair your powerful data warehouse with a collaborative data workspace

Building Better Display Tables

A more beautiful and useful way to visualize dataframes.

Our $16M Series A

Some more money stuff, and our partnership with dbt Labs

Hex πŸ’œ dbt

Our new dbt integration and partnership with dbt Labs

Hex 2.0: Reactivity, Graphs, and a little bit of Magic

Announcing a new, ✨ magic ✨ way to work with notebooks and build data apps

BI Tools & Hex

Why advanced data teams need both BI tools and flexible data workspaces

Announcing Hex's SOC 2 Type II Report

Security is our most important job. This report reflects how seriously we take our obligations for customer data.

Introducing: Dataframe SQL

Python or SQL? Why not both?

Hex Latest and Greatest: May 2021

SQL IDE, Chart Cell, Scheduling, and more!

An interview withMona Khalil

An interview with Mona Khalil, Data Scientist at Greenhouse

Announcing Hex

What we're doing, why we're doing it, and some money stuff

An interview withChris Moffitt

An interview with the author of Practical Business Python

The Sharing Gap

Communicating data work is as messy as ever.

A Pragmatic Approach to Live Collaboration

or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Atomic Operation

On Software, Ships, and Shipping Incrementally

The only path around the 2.0 tar pit is incrementalism - replacing a legacy platform through small, deliberate steps.

Don’t Tell Your Data Team’s ROI Story

Next time you get asked to justify the ROI for your team, don't. Sit back, and let others tell the story for you.

Long Live Code

Truly empowering users doesn’t mean getting rid of code, but embracing it.