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Powerful AI assist for data, now in Public Beta

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Snowpark + Hex Ask Me Anything

Highlighted questions and answers from a live joint Snowflake and Hex session

Univariate Analysis
How To Use Univariate Analysis in Your Data Exploration

Learn how to describe, summarize, and find patterns in the data from a single variable.

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What is the Jupyter kernel, and how does it work?

Learn how the computational engine for notebooks functions.

image of jupyter notebook and cloud
Accessing Data in Jupyter with Python

Learn how to access the most popular data sources with Python in Jupyter Notebooks

different visualization types
Exploring Data in Jupyter with Python and Pandas

A detailed guide to data exploration in Jupyter with Python and Pandas.

hex partnership with snowflake
Hex's Partnership with Snowflake: Behind the Magic

Behind-the-scenes look at how Hex built features that integrated with Snowflake.

Building a Text-to-SQL Chatbot

How to use Hex, LangChain, and OpenAI to use natural language to query your database

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How to Share Jupyter Notebooks

Learn how to share Jupyter notebooks with technical and non-technical audiences.

Comprehensive Guide to Visualizing Data in Jupyter

Learn how to create charts using Matplotlib, Plotly, and Seaborn

Hex and Algolia
Automating Reporting at Algolia

How one data team transformed tedious, manual reporting tasks into seamless, automated workflows

Hex + Google: Analytics and Data Science in the Cloud

Announcing our partnership with Google and how we’re enabling larger data workflows for thousands of users

The Poles of Brand Inaccessibility

Using modern data tools to discover modern opportunities for exploration

The case for warehouse-based product analytics

Product analytics on top of warehouse allows for deeper insights into activation, retention, and churn.

Iterating on analytics
One Chart Forward, Two Queries Back

End to end tools make the modern analytics workflow faster

Jehvons Paradox Hero
The boundless demand for insight

What coal and Jevons’ paradox tell us about AI and data

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Why, when and how to use a first-touch attribution model

Or: this blog post has made $0

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A practical guide to dimensionality reduction techniques

Practical examples of common dimensionality reduction algorithms in Python

Introduction to dimensionality reduction

Building an intuition around a common data science technique

Using SQL for data analysis

SQL is for more than just reading and writing to your database. Understanding the core components of this language lets you be much more efficient with your data analysis.

Best Data Modeling Tools for Effective Data Management

The best tools to bring structure and meaning to data, and enable insightful analysis.

Snowpark Container Services
Hex + Snowpark Container Services: Secure Analytics and ML for Enterprises

Analyze, model, and explore datasets without having to move data outside of a secure and governed Snowflake account.

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A Comprehensive Guide to Natural Language Processing Algorithms

Learn about the simpler text processing cousins of LLMs like GPT-4

Apache Iceberg and Hex

Query Iceberg tables and build interactive reports on top with Hex

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Make data-driven decisions with KPI dashboards

Elevate your decision-making process by turning raw data into actionable insights and strategic outcomes

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Connecting to and querying SQL Server with Python

Leverage Python’s versatility and SQL Server’s robustness with the pyodbc library to easily connect and interact with your database

Hex + Snowflake: Notebooks in the Cloud

Announcing our Elite Partner Status and how we’re speeding up data workflows for thousands of users

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Natural Language Processing in Python

Using computers to programmatically understand and interpret human language

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Introducing: Collections

Curate your workspace with a flexible and powerful organizational framework

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Beyond linear notebooks

Reactive notebooks allow for better interpretability, reproducibility, and performance

Data, magic, and some more money stuff

Announcing our partnership with Sequoia

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How to query a SQL database from Pandas

Get data into pandas without downloading csvs

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Metrics layers: past, present, future

Why dbt Labs’ acquisition of Transform is great for data stacks

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Introducing: Hex Magic

AI tools meant to augment – not replace – human insight. Now in private beta.

Introducing VegaFusion 1.0: now a Hex OSS project

Infinitely scalable data visualization, with a more permissive license

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Introducing: Components

Stop repeating yourself repeating yourself reaepting yuroslef rpaetnig ouylefs

Introducing: an all-new, interactive visualization experience for Hex

Point-and-click visual filtering, an all-new chart cell, custom color palettes, and more

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Text cleaning for NLP with Python

Learn how to prepare text data for NLP tasks

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How to build a sentiment analysis model in Python

Learn how to classify the sentiment in a body of text

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What does it mean to build a self-service analytics infrastructure?

How Human Interest’s data team empowers stakeholders across the company to use analytics every day

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A Guide to Exploratory Data Analysis in Python

What comes before sophisticated data analysis and modeling?

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Hex + dbt: Bringing trust, governance, and speed to the data stack

Announcing our partnership, product integrations, and how we’re changing data workflows for thousands of users

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How to perform an A/B test

Compare versions of a product/service in order to observe which one performs the best.

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How to do Funnel Analysis with SQL and Python

Tracking user events, actions, and drop-off

We took down production by misconfiguring our ETL

Here’s what we learned and how you can avoid it

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Connecting to and querying MySQL from Python

Querying one of the most commonly used databases from Python

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Writing Your First dbt Package

A comprehensive guide on how to create dbt packages with working code examples, and an open-source repo that you can build from.

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Intro to cohort analysis in Python

Analyze groups of customers to understand retention, predict churn, and find other patterns

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Modernizing Jupyter workflows with Hex + Snowflake

A supercharged, collaborative, cloud-native way to notebook

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Connecting to and querying BigQuery from Python

Four steps to read data from your BigQuery warehouse directly into Python

Getting started with logistic regression

Implementation of a binary classification algorithm in Python

An interview withQ&A with Bluecore’s Data Team: Part 2

We spoke about Bluecore’s revenue forecasting app, how the team prioritizes projects and measures success, reasons for adopting Hex, and more

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Getting started with linear regression

A common algorithm used to find the best-fitting line between two or more variables

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Introducing Hex’s Integration with the dbt Semantic Layer

A new Metrics cell, dbt-flavored SQL in Hex, and more!

An interview withQ&A with Bluecore’s Data Team: Part 1

We spoke about Bluecore's data team and modern data stack, use cases for Hex, and more

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How to Get Your Data From Postgres to Snowflake

Extracting from a production PostgreSQL database and loading into Snowflake

Deploying ML models to Snowflake with Modelbit and Hex

A simple and elegant way to deploy machine learning models

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Storytellers and System Builders

A New Way to Think About Data Roles

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How to Build a Dashboard in Python

Turning your Python data visualizations into beautiful interactive dashboards

Hex at AllTrails

Enabling Exploratory Analysis with SQL & Python

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A beginner’s guide to Python notebooks

Why data teams use notebooks, and how to get them up and running for coding and exploratory analysis

Announcing: Orchestration integrations and the Hex public API

Trigger Hex apps right from Airflow and Dagster— or plug into the API and build something completely custom

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Predictive Lead Scoring with Python

How to build a lead scoring model that actually serves stakeholders

How collaboration changes everything, from design to data

Leaving fragmentation, local files, and version control hell in the past

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How to write SQL in Python with Pandas

Two and a half ways to query Pandas DataFrames with SQL

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Connecting to and querying Snowflake from Python

Four steps to read data from your warehouse directly into Python

Getting the most out of dbt docs

Bringing all the power of dbt’s documentation site, straight into Hex

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Introducing: “No-Code” Cells

Bringing together SQL, Python, and no-code in Hex’s magical notebooks

Stop using so many CTEs

Why it's time to "break up" with your favorite SQL feature

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Notebooks weren't built for the modern data stack

Our tools for exploration and analysis are living in the past.

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Connecting to and querying Redshift from Python

Learn how to read data from your Redshift warehouse directly into Python

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Bringing data notebooks into the cloud era

Query mode, Chained SQL, and Python pushdown for everyone

Introducing Snowpark for Python in Hex

Plus, Snowflake Partner Connect and Premier Partner status

Hex for Analytics Engineers: Hex Powered PR Review

Streamlining analytics engineering workflows with Hex

A new way to embed Hex apps in Notion

Announcing a new, richer way to embed data from Hex into Notion docs


Introducing an all-new way to version work in Hex

Hex for Analytics Engineers: Data Transformation

Streamlining analytics engineering workflows with Hex

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Building Data Apps with just SQL

Turning simple queries into impactful artifacts

SQL Notebooks > SQL Runners

SQL finally gets literate programming

Building a Builder

Designing and engineering a new app layout engine from scratch

Going from data to knowledge

Data teams are still struggling to have impact.

Data, Knowledge, and our Series B

Data teams are still struggling to have impact. We raised some money to help.

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Announcing our partnership with Databricks

Why we're excited to partner with Databricks to power the next generation of analytics workflows

An interview withDr. Melodie Kao, Part 2

Part 2: Barriers to STEM equality and boundary setting

Planning a Modern Datathon

How to run a hackathon for data in the age of the modern data stack

An interview withDr. Melodie Kao, Part 1

Part 1: How a PhD astrophysicist thinks about data

Hex Everywhere

Embedding cells and apps for fun and profit

Introducing: Knowledge Library

High-impact data work isn’t just about churning out analysis; it’s about creating knowledge.

Six Reasons Hex and Snowflake Work Great Together

Why you should pair your powerful data warehouse with a collaborative data workspace

Building Better Display Tables

A more beautiful and useful way to visualize dataframes.

Our $16M Series A

Some more money stuff, and our partnership with dbt Labs

Hex 💜 dbt

Our new dbt integration and partnership with dbt Labs

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Hex 2.0: Reactivity, Graphs, and a little bit of Magic

Announcing a new, ✨ magic ✨ way to work with notebooks and build data apps

Announcing Hex's SOC 2 Type II Report

Security is our most important job. This report reflects how seriously we take our obligations for customer data.

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Introducing: Dataframe SQL

Python or SQL? Why not both?

Hex Latest and Greatest: May 2021

SQL IDE, Chart Cell, Scheduling, and more!

An interview withMona Khalil

An interview with Mona Khalil, Data Scientist at Greenhouse

Announcing Hex

What we're doing, why we're doing it, and some money stuff

An interview withChris Moffitt

An interview with the author of Practical Business Python

sharing gap hero
The Sharing Gap

Communicating data work is as messy as ever.

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A Pragmatic Approach to Live Collaboration

or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Atomic Operation

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On Software, Ships, and Shipping Incrementally

The only path around the 2.0 tar pit is incrementalism - replacing a legacy platform through small, deliberate steps.

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Don’t Tell Your Data Team’s ROI Story

Next time you get asked to justify the ROI for your team, don't. Sit back, and let others tell the story for you.

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Long Live Code

Truly empowering users doesn’t mean getting rid of code, but embracing it.