Hex Latest and Greatest: May 2021

SQL IDE, Chart Cell, Scheduling, and more!


We have been hard at work the past few months on a ton of features and improvements. Here are a few of the highlights:


Hex has first-class SQL support, making it easy to query and explore data right in your projects. In the last couple of months, we have added a number of features to supercharge our SQL cells:

Query parameterization: Pass variables to your queries to make them dynamic, flexible, and customizable! If you're familiar with Jinja templating then you'll feel right at home in our SQL cells.

Query Caching: Turn on caching to restrict how often your queries are fired off. If you don't need a refresh of your data, it's faster and cheaper to use cached values.

Schema Browser and Typeahead: Why let little things like table names, column names, and column types take up brain space? Use the new Schema Browser to quickly look up those details right from your Hex project. Or, let typeahead figure it out for you.

📊 Chart Cell beta

A good data visualization is art, not just information. Creating a beautiful chart, however, is not always simple. You can always use one of the many charting libraries in Python... but if you're like us, you'll inevitably find yourself on Stack Overflow looking up the package syntax.

We added point-and-click no-code chart cells to Hex so that you can easily visualize your data, with nice looking defaults and lots of flexibility.

This is tagged as a "beta" feature for now, as we add additional functionality and performance in the coming months.

📣 @Mentions and App Comments

Sharing and collaboration have always been mission #1 at Hex, and our built-in Comment system is a big part of that.Last month we introduced the ability to @mention other members of your Organization. We also introduced App Comments, so stakeholders with User or Viewer permissions can comment on apps themselves.


⏰ Improved scheduling

We overhauled Hex's scheduling system, with an all-new UI including a scheduled run history. You can click on any historic run to see the executed logic and outputs, including any error states.


🏎 Come build with us!

We are a tight-knit crew of engineers, designers, and data aficionados. Our roadmap is full of big ideas and little details, and we would love your help bringing it to life.

We're hiring for almost everything, including Product Marketing Lead, DevOps Engineer, Solution Engineer, and Product Designer. If any of these roles interest you, write us a note telling us about yourself, and why you're a fit.


Team Hex Databricks, Snowflake, and BigQuery

This is something we think a lot about at Hex, where we're creating a platform that makes it easy to build and share interactive data products which can help teams be more impactful.

If this is is interesting, click below to get started, or to check out opportunities to join our team.