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Make everyone at home in your data stack

Hex brings everyone together, in one collaborative platform.

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How the best data teams do their best work
Hex customer: Loom
Hex customer: Greenhouse
Hex customer: Notion
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Make data work matter.

Insights can't have impact if they're lost in a screenshot or deck.

Share your work with a click

Drag-and-drop elements into an interactive report or data app that anyone can use.

Keep feedback cycles tight, with comments, notifications, and snapshots.

Teamwork, that works for teams


Collaborate in real-time

Sync up with multiplayer and comments.

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SQL cell
SQL cell
Comment popup

Diffs and reviews

Compare versions and approve changes.

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Diff cell

Powerful permissions

Easily configure groups, and enforce data access controls.

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Groups list
Group modal

Real version control

Revert back to before everything was messed up.

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Version modal

Build anything with data

Get started with one of our many templates, from complex ML forecasting to critical business dashboards.

ad-hoc cover

Ad-hoc exploration

Izzy Miller, Dev Advocate at Hex

Answer complex questions fast, and communicate results clearly

interactive stories cover

Interactive Data stories

Izzy Miller

Build rich, interactive data stories and documents

SQL notebooks grid image

SQL Notebooks

Izzy Miller

The most powerful SQL IDE ever made

EDA grid image

Exploratory Data Analysis

Izzy Miller

Make EDA easy with Hex's powerful data platform

Text to SQL

Text to SQL Chatbot

Jordan East

Learn how to build your own text to SQL chatbot in Hex using OpenAI and LangChain

Polyglot grid image

Polyglot Notebooks

Polyglot notebooks for data science