Make data impactful.

Use Python and SQL-powered notebooks to build interactive data apps for everyone.

Say goodbye to loose CSVs, chart screenshots, and stale decks.

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From analysis to app in an instant

Start a new notebook, or bring an existing .ipynb

Add input widgets and drag-and-drop to build an interface

Share interactive stories, dashboards, or tools with a click

Bring the whole team

Work together with real-time collaborative editing and commenting

Share with individuals, or your entire organization, with granular permissions for editing, viewing, or use-only

SQL, securely

Set up secure Data Connections to Postgres, Redshift, Snowflake, and more

Integrated SQL Cells make query authoring fast and powerful

Credentials are fully encrypted - no more plaintext tokens or environment variables

Built-in caching avoids unnecessary queries

A new way to notebook

Type-ahead, code completion, and docs. Just like an IDE

Integrated Version Control lets you checkpoint and rewind the whole project, or just an individual cell

The keyboard shortcuts you know (and love?)

Import and export standard .ipynb files, so you can take your work anywhere

Enterprise ready

Deploy Hex directly to your VPC for maximum security

SSO integration makes auth easy

End-to-end encryption and secure credential storage

Ready to get started?

You can use Hex in two ways: our centrally-hosted Hex Cloud stack, or an on-prem deployment to your private cloud environment.

Hex Cloud
The fastest way to get started buliding sharable and impactful projects.
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Hex Enterprise
Deploy to your cloud VPC. Support for Embedding, Spark, Custom Images, and more.
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We’re a small, well-funded team focused on engineering, design, and working with users. Our culture is oriented around autonomy, quality, feedback, and bias toward action.

You might be a good fit to join us if you enjoy building thoughtful products, empowering users, and changing the way data teams do their work.

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Software Engineer
San Francisco or Remote
We're looking for an experienced software engineer to join as a member of our core team. As an early team member, you will have broad impact over the technology, the product, and our company's culture.

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