A flexible workspace for your data lakehouse

Hex's powerful end-to-end platform makes it easy to securely connect to your Databricks lakehouse, query structured and unstructured data, and bring it to life in beautiful data apps.

How it works

Once a Hex admin has connected a Databricks SQL endpoint, every user of the workspace can securely query data from your lakehouse in a rich SQL IDE— right from the notebook environment where analysis will take place.

Hex has first-class SQL support, so you can build powerful analyses and data apps entirely from Databricks queries, or switch over to Python and leverage its rich package library.

Need to pull in some less structured data or run Databricks jobs that aren't SQL-friendly? Hex's flexible notebook-based workspace lets you upload files, make REST API calls, and anything else you could imagine doing in a data notebook.

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cast({{timeframe}} as timestamp) as month,
ship, destination,
sum(spice_tons) as spice_tons
from atreides.vehicle_destinations
group by 1,2,3