Query Snowflake data right from a powerful data notebook

Hex makes it easy to securely & efficiently query data from Snowflake without switching tools or transporting data.

How it works

Once a Hex admin has connected a Snowflake instance, every user of the workspace can securely query data from Snowflake in a rich SQL IDEโ€” right from a flexible notebook environment.

Hex has first class SQL support, with autocomplete, a schema browser, caching, and the ability to stream large results. You can build visualizations without writing code, and dynamically parameterize Snowflake queries with user input.

Build powerful analyses and data apps entirely from Snowflake SQL queriesโ€” or switch over to Python and leverage its rich package library on your Snowflake data.

2 cells
cast({{timeframe}} as timestamp) as month,
ship, destination,
sum(spice_tons) as spice_tons
from atreides.vehicle_destinations
group by 1,2,3

In action

"Snowpark opens the Data Cloud to a wider audience, which aligns with our use of Hex as a self-serve analytics environment supporting users ranging from our marketing team to seasoned data scientists. Hex and Snowpark together will help us truly democratize data for users across the business."

Abhishek Modi, Software Engineer


"Our ability to do work in Python and also write SQL against a DataFrame in Hex that reads and writes directly from Snowflake is really key to helping us productionalize our work."

Jerry Shen, Head of Data