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It's easy to build stunning, interactive data experiences with Hex, from simple reports to complex write-back UIs.

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Drag, drop, data app

Hex’s app builder and complete set of components makes it easy to build interactive experiences.

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Hex app view where a chart cell is being dragged and dropped into place.
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Beautiful visualizations

Interactive charts, tables, and maps bring your data to life— no coding required.

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Explore, drill, filter

Every chart and table automatically comes ready to be drilled down, filtered, or used as a starting point for a completely new exploration.

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A chart view in Explore mode
A dropdown menu showing units of time

Answers right where you need them

Reports are always up to date with automatic upstream data syncs and scheduled runs via Slack or email.

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Scheduled run prompt
Slack app view with a scheduled run notification
Infinite Lambda
Hex helped us provide a transparent and intuitive experience for the World Health Organization to make more informed decisions about how to reduce emissions.
Nina Anderson

Nina Anderson  ·  Head of Pre-Sales Engineering at Infinite Lambda

Hex enables us to deploy customer-facing analytics in days rather than weeks or months. Hex gives us super powers.
Daniel McAuley

Daniel McAuley  ·  Data Lead at Inventa

Tighten the feedback loop

When it's time to share your masterpiece, one URL keeps everyone on the same page — literally. Edits, comments, and revisions are fast and easy with real-time multiplayer and live updates.

Explore collaboration
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Build anything

Get started with one of our many template apps, from complex ML forecasting to critical business dashboards.

ad-hoc cover

Ad-hoc exploration

Izzy Miller, Dev Advocate at Hex

Answer complex questions fast, and communicate results clearly

interactive stories cover

Interactive Data stories

Izzy Miller

Build rich, interactive data stories and documents

SQL notebooks grid image

SQL Notebooks

Izzy Miller

The most powerful SQL IDE ever made

EDA grid image

Exploratory Data Analysis

Izzy Miller

Make EDA easy with Hex's powerful data platform

Text to SQL

Text to SQL Chatbot

Jordan East

Learn how to build your own text to SQL chatbot in Hex using OpenAI and LangChain

Polyglot grid image

Polyglot Notebooks

Polyglot notebooks for data science

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