Customer spotlight


Hex lets us go from an ad-hoc analysis to a published data app with just a few clicks.


ClickUp’s data science team built a sophisticated churn model to help the business predict at-risk accounts. The model was shared with marketing and success teams using BI. This gave the teams visibility into churn at a high level, but it wasn’t driving decisions around building programs.

  • Dashboards lacked the depth business teams needed to take meaningful action

  • Business teams couldn’t prioritize segments to chase in re-engagement programs

  • Data team was getting inundated with ad-hoc requests about the churn model

How they use Hex

ClickUp uses Hex to operationalize churn predictions for marketing and success teams. The team built a multi-dimensional data app for business users to explore churn predictions, dig into segments, and customize it to their role.

Key use cases

  • Align with business stakeholders on the analysis they need to make decisions

  • Go from an ad-hoc analysis to a published data app with just a few clicks

  • Build self-serve exploration “with guardrails” for business teams


Marketing and success teams use the churn model to build hyper-targeted segments and personalized engagement strategies, saving ClickUp millions of dollars annually.

Sai Srigiriaju, Head of Growth Strategy & Ops at ClickUp