Power interactive insights with data from Google BigQuery

Hex connects directly to Google BigQuery to let you query big data with familiar SQL syntax, without exporting csv files or needing a Python connector.

How it works

Connecting a Google BigQuery project to Hex means everyone can securely and efficiently query data right from the flexible notebook environment, without writing Python code or passing around credentials.

Hex features full SQL IDE functionality, with autocomplete, a schema browser, caching, and the ability to stream large results.

You can build and publish beautiful and interactive data apps entirely from SQL queries to your BigQuery data— or you can switch seamlessly into Python and build models, enrich data, or merge other data sources.

Google BigQuery
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Google BigQuery
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cast({{timeframe}} as timestamp) as month,
ship, destination,
sum(spice_tons) as spice_tons
from atreides.vehicle_destinations
group by 1,2,3

"With Hex, we can start from a point familiar to analysts— writing SQL. Hex’s query caching allows us to write and store queries in hosted notebooks, preserving both the query and making it simple to access and visualize data from our warehouse (BigQuery). We’ve found Hex’s integration with our warehouse to be simple, reliable, and fast. "

Matt Palmer, Analytics Engineer