Bring SQL Server data to life with a powerful and flexible data platform

Hex makes it easy to turn data from SQL Server into beautiful interactive insights, without switching tools or transporting data.

How it works

Connecting an MS SQL Server database to Hex lets all users securely and efficiently query data right from a flexible notebook environment, without writing Python code or passing around credentials.

Hex's rich SQL IDE features autocomplete, a schema browser, query caching, and the ability to stream large results. It's easy to create complex visualizations without writing code, or dynamically parameterize SQL Server queries with user input.

You can build beautiful and interactive data apps entirely from SQL queriesโ€” or you can switch seamlessly into Python and build models or enrich data, without leaving the notebook or moving data.

MS SQL Server
2 cells
MS SQL Server
cast({{timeframe}} as timestamp) as month,
ship, destination,
sum(spice_tons) as spice_tons
from atreides.vehicle_destinations
group by 1,2,3