Transforming Data Workflows with dbt's Semantic Layer

Winning dbt's Innovation Partner of the Year Award

dbt Innovation Partner of the Year Award

As long-time users of dbt ourselves, we at Hex have benefited firsthand from the way it empowers teams to build and manage data. As partners, we're seeing the way dbt transforms workflows for hundreds of shared customers, simplifying data transformations and providing governance and control of your data.

Today, we're excited to share that we have won the Innovation Partner of the Year award and built support for dbt’s updated Semantic Layer powered by MetricFlow.

Bringing trusted metrics to all data users

In the world of data, power and responsibility go hand in hand. Just as dbt revolutionized the data space by putting transformation in the hands of SQL users, Hex democratizes analytics with its "low floor, high ceiling" approach. This unique blend of accessibility and sophistication means that both novice users with no-code skills and advanced users with SQL and Python capabilities can collaborate seamlessly within Hex.

Hex and dbt aren't just tools; they're enablers. Together, they empower users to take on more of their end-to-end workflows, ultimately accelerating their data-driven decisions. But this speed isn't at the expense of trust and governance.

To bring trust and governance to the data stack, Hex and dbt have built strong integrations.

Easily accessing metadata

Hex’s integration with dbt’s Metadata API streamlines the flow of metadata from transformation to the analytics layer. This integration ensures that data is fresh, tests are reliable, and column descriptions are readily available in Hex's schema browser. This transparency eliminates the need for users to rely on data teams to answer simple questions and allows data practitioners to focus on producing their best work with easy to access metadata.

Working with trusted data

Hex’s integration with dbt’s revamped Semantic Layer provides an easy-to-use cell which empowers users of all technical levels to work with data backed by consistent and governed metrics.

The revamped dbt Semantic Layer also increases support for additional data platforms: Snowflake, BigQuery, Redshift, and Databricks, all of which are available within Hex.

💜 Customer wins

Hundreds of organizations leverage dbt and Hex together. Why? Because the combination of our tools leads to greater team efficiency and impact.

“dbt and Hex make the data development environment so much easier to work with than any other combination of tools. Since it’s all native, we don’t need to wait for or build a custom adapter. I can instead focus on scaling my team, and building the best live shopping platform,” explains Emmanuel Fuentes, Head of Machine Learning & Data Platforms at Whatnot.

“Inventa uses Hex and dbt to automate, scale, and improve the analytics experience by creating an external facing dashboard with unique supplier links. We’re excited to leverage dbt’s sematic layer to better model sales data and create rich metrics and then use Hex to create an interactive dashboard,” explains Daniel McAuley, Data Lead and Gabriel Marinho, Analytics Engineering Lead at Inventa.

In summary

The newly minted Hex and dbt integration brings trust to the analytics workflow allowing analytics engineers, data scientists, and business analysts to work faster and provide insights more easily across organizations.

Want to learn more about how dbt ➕ Hex 🟰 Innovation? Swing by our booth at Coalesce this week in San Diego for a live demo and free 30-day trial.