Make your data team unstoppable

Streamline your entire analytics workflow, from notebooks to beautiful reports all in a collaborative AI-powered workspace.

Built for data scientists & analysts

The next evolution of your analytics workflow

Tool fragmentation is slowing your team down. Hex unleashes your potential with one powerful workspace, so you don’t spend time jumping between tools.

SQL Python

SQL + Python together

With Hex, you don’t have to choose. Use SQL for what it’s great at, and then layer in Python for extra flexibility and power.

Try a polyglot notebook

Magical AI, built right in

Get help at every step of the way with a powerful AI that generates code, charts, or even a full analysis — without switching tabs, all from natural language!

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Magic Python cell
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Beautiful, interactive data apps

Visualize datasets of any size with built-in charts, tables, pivots, maps, and more. Share them easily in a few clicks as stunning dashboards anyone can use.

Explore an interactive dashboard

Get started with a template

Get started with one of our many templates, from complex ML forecasting to critical business dashboards.

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Ad-hoc exploration

Izzy Miller, Dev Advocate at Hex

Answer complex questions fast, and communicate results clearly

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Interactive Data stories

Izzy Miller

Build rich, interactive data stories and documents

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SQL Notebooks

Izzy Miller

The most powerful SQL IDE ever made

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Exploratory Data Analysis

Izzy Miller

Make EDA easy with Hex's powerful data platform

Text to SQL

Text to SQL Chatbot

Jordan East

Learn how to build your own text to SQL chatbot in Hex using OpenAI and LangChain

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Polyglot Notebooks

Polyglot notebooks for data science

Designed for the whole Data team

Make everyone at home in your data stack

Hex comes with all the tools you need to plug the entire company into the data feedback loop, from every member of the data team to executive stakeholders, product managers, and more.


Real-time collaboration and comments


Version control with diffs and peer review


Detailed permissions


Reusable pre-defined components

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Less Is More Digital Illustration

Less work, more impact

Insights can't have impact if they're lost in a screenshot or deck. When an analysis is done, it’s easy to drag-and-drop your work into an interactive report or dashboard for everyone to use.

Keep the data feedback cycle tight, with comments, notifications, and easy updates.

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How does Hex integrate with the modern data stack?

Hex brings all your favorite tools, languages, and data sources together in one platform, from storage and compute, metadata & metrics, Code sync and workflows.
We have native connections to every major database and warehouse, a deep integration with dbt, version control powered by Github/Gitlab, and an orchestration API with pre-built libraries for Airflow, Dagster, and Prefect.

What are Hex’s main use cases?

From complex ML forecasting to critical business dashboards, Hex is flexible enough to support any data science or analytics project. Our users especially enjoy using Hex for exploratory or ad-hoc analysis, custom reporting, and classic data science projects like A/B testing, churn analysis, or fraud prevention.

What are Hex’s security policies and controls?

Hex is built on industry-leading security and privacy standards that keep our customer's data secure while connecting, querying, analyzing, and sharing. Hex is committed to helping customers of all sizes meet their data protection and compliance requirements.
As evidence of this, we have obtained our SOC 2 Type II report, which attests to the effectiveness and our adherence to security controls and processes.

What deployment models does Hex offer?

Hex has 3 options for deployment:
  • Multi-tenant cloud, including separate HIPAA and EU stacks;
  • Single-tenant VPCs, typically set up to securely peer to your existing infrastructure. These are fully-managed.
  • Private-cloud deployments, where Hex is deployed to an existing VPC.
Please feel free to get in touch to discuss which might work best for you.

How is data stored in Hex?

Hex stores all cell output data, including previews of SQL results, in AWS RDS, and uploaded files are stored in AWS S3. Data in RDS and S3 persists indefinitely until the associated project is deleted or a deletion request is made. Caching of SQL cell output data is opt-in, configurable, and stored in S3 for up to 90 days.

How does pricing for Hex work?

Hex offers four different plans for all needs:
  • Community for personal use or students. Always free, forever.
  • Professional for those just starting to develop their data infrastructure, and very small teams. $36/mo/user.
  • Teams for professional data teams that want to collaborate efficiently and integrate with other tools. $75/mo/user.
  • Enterprise for larger companies that require additional security, support and control.

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