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Before, our analysts would be building in notebooks, copy-pasting charts, and struggling to make them reproducible. Today, we can accomplish that workflow in Hex, which allows us to move much faster as a data organization.

A lot of ad-hoc projects come across our desk where there is an ask or problem to be solved from the business, but itโ€™s outside the technical domain for them to do themselves. These requests can come from anywhere across our business โ€” whether that be the operations team, or the merchandising team, or the marketing team.

The quicker my team can explore the data, answer the questions, and share out the results, the faster we can make better decisions.

Before, our analysts would be compiling notebooks, copy-pasting charts, and trying to make them reproducible using Git for analytics storage. Today, we can accomplish much of that workflow in Hex which allows us to move much faster as a data organization.

One of the things I love most about Hex is how deeply embedded the collaboration component is to the tool. It lets our team ask for feedback or work together on something. With Hex, itโ€™s a massive improvement for us versus pushing and pulling files or opening up local notebooks, which is much more cumbersome. This not only helps us to move much faster, but better collaboration helps to cut down on our errors and produce better work.

Matt, Director of Data Science

Trade Coffee