All the organizational power of code notebooks, tailor-made for your SQL workflows. Chain SQL queries, join across data sources, and access cloud-scale data in a collaborative SQL IDE.

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Ad-hoc exploration

Ad-hoc exploration

Answer complex questions fast, and communicate results clearly

No-code Notebooks

No-code Notebooks

Powerful data exploration without writing a line of code

Interactive Data stories

Interactive Data stories

Build rich, interactive data stories and documents

"With Hex, we can start from a point familiar to analystsโ€” writing SQL. Hexโ€™s query caching allows us to write and store queries in hosted notebooks, preserving both the query and making it simple to access and visualize data from our warehouse (BigQuery). Weโ€™ve found Hexโ€™s integration with our warehouse to be simple, reliable, and fast. "

Matt Palmer, Analytics Engineer


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You can use Hex in two ways: our centrally-hosted Hex Cloud stack, or a private single-tenant VPC.


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