Use Hex with Snowpark for Python to do complex data science on datasets of any scale

time series snowpard

Time series analysis with Snowpark

Forecast hourly restaurant traffic using UDTFs in Snowpark

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Data Science with Snowpark

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Snowpark ML using Stored Procedures

Use Snowpark ML and stored procedures to build powerful machine learning pipelines that run entirely inside your Snowflake warehouse.

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A quick guide to Snowpark

Hex is the easiest way to get started with Snowpark for Python, a technology that lets you use familiar Python code at massive warehouse scale. Snowpark for Python in Hex is designed to simplify complex data analysis, making it more accessible and efficient.

Using Snowpark for Python, data analysts can execute Python scripts directly within Snowflake. This capability utilizes Snowflake's scalable architecture and powerful processing abilities, facilitating the handling of extensive datasets with greater efficiency. Snowpark's approach is distinct from conventional methods as it performs operations directly within Snowflake's environment, thereby minimizing data movement and enhancing overall performance.

Getting started with Snowpark in Hex is a hassle-free process. Connecting Hex to Snowflake automatically sets up Snowpark, removing the need for any manual software installations or intricate configurations. Users can easily initiate a new Snowpark session in their Hex notebook with just a few clicks, enabling them to begin coding in Python while utilizing Snowflake's data processing capabilities right away.

Hex's user-friendly design complements the technical aspects of Snowpark for Python. It allows a smooth transition between SQL and Python environments, offering the comfort of Python coding alongside the powerful data management features of Snowflake. This integration aims to make data analysis more efficient and user-friendly, suitable for both novices and experienced professionals in the field.

Combining Snowpark's robust data processing with Hex's simplicity, this integration redefines the approach to data analysis. It simplifies complex data queries and large-scale data operations, focusing on extracting valuable insights from datasets.

This page features interactive examples that demonstrate the practical uses of Snowpark in Hex. These examples highlight the ease with which users can start and the extensive analysis capabilities provided by this integration. If you find an example that meets your needs, you can click "Get a copy" to customize it according to your specific data analysis requirements.

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time series snowpard

Time series analysis in Snowpark

Forecast hourly restaurant traffic using UDTFs in Snowpark

polyglot pushdown

Deepening Our Snowpark Integration

Armin Efendic · October 10, 2023

Hex now provides users the flexibility to switch between SQL, Python, and visual cells all while using a Snowpark dataframe

Eutelsat OneWeb

Eutelsat OneWeb’s Journey with Snowflake and Hex

Miguel Morgado, Senior Product Owner Data & Performance Hubs at Eutelsat Group · October 27, 2023

Learn how Eutelsat OneWeb uses Snowpark + Hex to Achieve a New Level of Scalable Data Collaboration

hex partnership with snowflake

Hex's Partnership with Snowflake: Behind the Magic

Matt David · September 21, 2023

At Snowflake Summit, Hex's CTO and co-founder, Caitlin, discusses gave a Behind-the-scenes look at how Hex built features that integrated with Snowflake.

modernizing notebooks hero

Modernizing Jupyter workflows with Hex + Snowflake

Ariel Zahler Harnik · February 15, 2024

A supercharged, collaborative, cloud-native way to notebook


Introducing Snowpark for Python in Hex

Ariel Zahler · June 14, 2022

Plus, Snowflake Partner Connect and Premier Partner status


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