Change how the world uses data

Our mission

Every day, Hex empowers thousands of people to ask and answer new questions of data, and seamlessly share the results with everyone.

We have a big vision for analytics, where everyone can access and create knowledge from data โ€“ and thereโ€™s so much left to do.

Our roadmap is full of big ideas and little details, and we want your help bringing them to life.

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A place to do your best work

Weโ€™re a team of builders. We spend our days designing and developing beautiful products, growing and supporting our user base, and helping each other succeed and learn.

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Our culture is focused on quality, craft, and speed.

We have very few meetings, bias toward action, and take care of each other through feedback and support.

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Hex is remote-friendly, with a flexible work-from-anywhere policy.

Youโ€™ll be on even footing whether youโ€™re working in one of our beautiful offices, a co-working space, or your couch.