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Replacing Google Analytics 
with RudderStack, Snowflake, 
dbt and Hex

Get insight into individual behavior on your site through to your app so you can fully understand your activation funnel using RudderStack, Snowflake, dbt and Hex. As you have to move off of Universal Analytics this summer, look into how you can take control of your web traffic analytics and get deeper insights.

This event aired live on April 26, 2023.


Matt David's portrait

Matt David

Product Marketing, Hex
Benjamin Walvoord's portrait

Benjamin Walvoord

Solutions Engineer, Rudderstack
Eric Dodds's portrait

Eric Dodds

Product Marketing, Rudderstack


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Hex is a platform for collaborative analytics and data science. Combine SQL, Python, R, and no-code in magical, multi-player notebooks to explore data and build beautiful interactive reports.

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RudderStack makes it easy to collect and send customer data to the tools and teams that need it.

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