How to Hex: Monthly Demo

New to Hex? Eager to see some of the powerful things you can do with it? Have a question or two you’d like a power user to answer? Join us for a live demo.

Each month we’ll focus on a different aspect of Hex, showing a demo of the entire end-to-end Hex workflow with a special emphasis on one unique component.


Last Wednesday of the month.

Wednesday, April 24 @ 10am PT / 1pm ET

Wed, April 24th

April Event: Presentation-grade reporting

Hex gives you the power to create more than just dashboards. In today's world of data informed decisions, most dashboards lack the full context to support making these decisions on their own.

In this session, learn how to marry the context to the data in a Hex app, and see how you can use the same app to present findings and proof in your decision making conversations.

Highlights from this event

1. Create data assets with rich context embedded in your analysis

2. Build dynamic updates that automatically keep evergreen assets current

3. Seamlessly transition into presentation mode for decision making conversations