Access real-time data from Materialize, right from a powerful data notebook built for streaming

Hex makes it easy to securely & efficiently query real-time streaming data from Materialize without switching tools or transporting data.

How it works

Once a Hex admin has connected a Materialize source via the PostgreSQL connector, every user of the Hex workspace can securely query streamed data from Materialize in a rich SQL IDE— right from a flexible notebook environment.

Hex has first class SQL support, with autocomplete, a schema browser, caching, and the ability to stream large results. You can build visualizations without writing code, and dynamically parameterize Materialize queries with user input.

Hex's reactive execution model is perfect for streaming data, letting you update data on a schedule, in response to user input, or in near real-time in response to streaming records.

The Materialize Hex integration is supported via Materialize's PostgreSQL compatibility.