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Hex gives me a ton of control over my complex analyses, and allows me to easily share with internal stakeholders for feedback.

At Orchard, our data scientists perform complex analysis and predictive modeling to derive insights for our client teams.

There are two main use cases that Hex comes into play:

First, we do all of our company’s KPI reporting through Hex: revenue, growth, sales, marketing, etc. Our leadership really cares about having access to accurate metrics, and now we use Hex to manage our business.

Hex has proved to be very efficient at getting this done. We previously used a dashboarding tool for reporting, and it required a lot of pre-processing of the data to actually make it useable. Now, we’re able to have full control over the data and reporting, which allows us to better manage and forecast our business accurately.

Second, Hex acts as our R&D platform where we can build prototypes and get them in a useable spot before they’re ready for our production environment. This involves us pulling in data from Postgres, transforming data using Hex’s Python cells, and then creating visualizations.

These prototypes are then shared internally with our Client Service team, where they can review the data and provide feedback. If we find a bug, no problem, I can quickly update code in Hex and republish. This wouldn’t be as easy in other tools; I just find Hex much easier to do my work efficiently. It gives me a ton of control over the complex analysis I have to do, and allows me to easily share prototypes to my internal stakeholders for feedback.

To summarize, as a data scientists, I’ve been impressed with Hex and seeing its impact on our organization to use data and provide value to our customers. The collaboration features help tremendously to speed up our prototyping process, and the level of depth of analysis and the control we have over that is amazing.

Matthew Tichenor, Senior Data Scientist

Orchard Insights