Bridging the Gap Between Metrics and Analytics With Hex + Transform

Why you should pair a metrics store with a collaborative data workspace

A super common challenge faced by organizations using data is dealing with differences in metrics definitions. Two people can write two different SQL queries to define the same metric, like customer count, and wind up with very different results. This could be caused by a discrepancy in how they define the metric, like how they aggregate or the assumptions they make about a column. Or if they’re using the same metric definition to start, if one gets updated with new logic, the other is deemed incorrect. Standardizing and maintaining these definitions over time can be very challenging, especially as teams grow.

This is why we at Hex are excited about the potential for a metrics layer: a place where teams can define universal definitions that are usable by everyone, and stay consistent over time. We think metrics platforms can help bring much-needed consistency and cohesion to data work, and we’re pumped to be partnering with Transform - the first metrics store in the market - to integrate with Hex.

Using Transform metrics in a Hex project

Transform’s metrics store helps to combat inconsistency, and ensures your metrics are always correct and up to date. We are excited to see Transform provide that missing metrics layer for metrics governance and consistency, while we at Hex do our job building a powerful platform to analyze, collaborate, and share.

With the Transform integration, Hex users can ensure that everyone in their organization is using the same metrics, and prevents issues from differing metric definitions across teams.

"We believe that metrics should be accessible and accurate—especially in tools that are building the future of the modern data stack,” says Nick Handel, co-founder and CEO of Transform. “Hex is a platform that enables powerful analysis and data applications on clean and consistent metrics. We are thrilled to partner with Hex to deliver amazing data experiences for our customers."

How to use Transform and Hex together

To access that Metrics Store within Hex, you can use Transform’s Metrics API—either through the Python Library or Hex’s built-in JDBC-based connector.

Configuring a new Transform connection
Configuring a new Transform connection

Connecting to Transform allows you to explore metrics and the potential dimension combinations:

select * from mql_list_metrics()

You can then run a query by passing metrics and dimensions such as the Revenue metric by the Country Dimension into the from statement of a query using the mql_query operator.

select * from mql_query(<revenue by country>)

Bridging the gap between metrics governance and powerful analytics

Combining Hex and Transform gives you a powerful interface for your critical business metrics and gives you the confidence that they’re always accurate and up-to-date.

This is just one step we’re taking to bridge the gap between the metrics layer and analytics platforms. We’re excited to continue to partner with the Transform team to create the best experience for our customers.

Ready to try it out out? Click below to create a free forever Hex account. We can't wait to meet your Transform metrics store ☃️