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How the best data teams do their best work
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Built by data teams for data teams

At Hex, we understand the fundamental challenges your team faces.That's why we've developed a platform specifically tailored to boost team efficiency, foster collaboration, and ensure peace of mind regarding security and governance.

Getting timely insights is challenging

Getting timely insights is challenging

Hex unifies all your data workflows in one tool, boosting your team efficiency so you can make a bigger impact.

  • Jumping between tools slowing you down

  • A backlog your team struggle to handle

  • Hard to get into the “why” with data fast enough

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Collaboration between teams is a second thought

Collaboration between teams is a second thought

Hex provides the best multi-player collaboration workbench. It enables real time collaboration between data members and also business stakeholders.

  • Team work getting lost or simply not shared

  • Not enough collaboration between data team or other stakeholders

  • Team not building internal knowledge from previous work

  • Duplicated work due to lack of reproducibility or version control

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Data security, governance and control is hard across so many tools

Data security, governance and control is hard across so many tools

Hex is built for scale, with the security and the control you need, reducing critical risks of having too many tools to get your job done.

  • Downloading and uploading data risk

  • Complete compliance and secure connections

  • Auditing logging and version control to know who did what

  • Enforcing permissions (single tenant deployment or HIPPA BAA)

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Build anything with data

Get started with one of our many templates, from complex ML forecasting to critical business dashboards.

ad-hoc cover

Ad-hoc exploration

Izzy Miller, Dev Advocate at Hex

Answer complex questions fast, and communicate results clearly

interactive stories cover

Interactive Data stories

Izzy Miller

Build rich, interactive data stories and documents

SQL notebooks grid image

SQL Notebooks

Izzy Miller

The most powerful SQL IDE ever made

EDA grid image

Exploratory Data Analysis

Izzy Miller

Make EDA easy with Hex's powerful data platform

Text to SQL

Text to SQL Chatbot

Jordan East

Learn how to build your own text to SQL chatbot in Hex using OpenAI and LangChain

Polyglot grid image

Polyglot Notebooks

Polyglot notebooks for data science

Instant integration with the whole stack

Out-of-the-box connections and flexible APIs make setup a breeze.

Built for the warehouse

Hex has built-in connections to the most popular data warehouses, lakehouses, and databases. It’s easy to set up data connections, and securely share them with your team.
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dbt metadata, docs, & metrics

Hex has a deep integration with dbt, including automatically enriching schemas with dbt docs.
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Push your Python

Hex has deep integrations with Snowpark for Snowflake and Spark (soon), allowing you to push Python code to remote execution environments.
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Git it together

Export your projects to GitHub or GitLab to create an audit trail.
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You can include Hex projects in DAGs in Airflow, Dagster, or Prefect.
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Want to connect to something we haven't thought of? Use our powerful public API to write your own integrations.
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Built for security and control

Enterprise-grade security: SOC2, HIPAA, and privacy regulations.

Flexible deployment models

Multi-tenant, HIPAA, Single-Tenant, and Private Cloud options available

Easy authentication and authorization

SSO and SCIM with Google, AzureAD, Okta, and more

Secure database connections

SSL and pass-through OAuth available

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Your data is safe with us


Completely compliant



Secure database connections

SSL and pass-through OAuth available.


Flexible deployment models

Multi-tenant HIPAA or EU and Single-Tenant options available.

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