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No more jumping between tools, struggling with versions, or sharing via screenshot. Hex is a modern, collaborative platform with notebooks, data apps, SQL, Python, no-code, R, and so much more.

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One platform, endless possibilities.

Hex brings everything together. Integrated workflows, effortless collaboration, and easy sharing – all built in.

Publish work as interactive data apps

Hex makes it easy to build and share apps anyone can use.

A full library of UI components
Drag-and-drop layouts
Instant publishing
Live commenting

Build organizational knowledge

Hex lets you stop churning out analyses, and start creating knowledge.

Discover work in the Knowledge Library
Organize with categories and statuses

Integrates with your entire data stack

Hex plays nice with everything from data warehouses to orchestration tools.

Built for the warehouse

Hex has built-in connections to the most popular data warehouses, lakehouses, and databases. It’s easy to set up data connections, and securely share them with your team.
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dbt metadata, docs, & metrics

Hex has a deep integration with dbt, including automatically enriching schemas with dbt docs.
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Push your Python

Hex has deep integrations with Snowpark for Snowflake and Spark (soon), allowing you to push Python code to remote execution environments.
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Git it together

Connect to GitHub or GitLab to manage your projects through full PR workflows, with easily-diffable file formats.
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You can include Hex projects in DAGs in Airflow, Dagster, or Prefect.
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Want to connect to something we haven't thought of? Use our powerful public API to write your own integrations.
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Security, seriously

Hex has SOC 2, SSO, SCIM, and other super secure stuff starting with S.

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    SOC 2 Type 2
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    Single tenant / private VPC deploys
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    HIPAA compliant, and BAA friendly
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    OIDC SSO support through Google, O365, Okta, and more
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Build anything

Featured items from our Gallery.


Exploratory analyses

Exploratory & ad-hoc analyses usually answer a question.

Why Did Costs Spike This Month?

Why Did Costs Spike This Month?

Is the New Headlamp being Used?

Is the New Headlamp being Used?


Production data apps

Like dashboards, but more flexible and interactive.

Spice Transport Forecast

Spice Transport Forecast

Churn Monitor

Churn Monitor


Interactive data stories

Go beyond slides. Combine rich text, interactivity, & live visualizations.

Finding a New Home Planet

Finding a New Home Planet

What's the Price of Spice?

What's the Price of Spice?

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