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Go end-to-end from quick queries to deep-dive analyses to beautiful interactive data apps – all in one collaborative, AI-powered workspace.

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All your workflows, in one workspace

Data exploration superpowers

SQL, Python, R, pivots, spreadsheets, charts, all together, all in a modular, notebook-based canvas.

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Magical AI, built right in

Generate queries, write code, create visualizations, fix bugs, and kickstart whole analyses - all from a prompt.

Roll up average retention over time for all segments
What is my monthly burn rate?
How many dumplings did I sell last month?
How many dumplings were stolen by Izzy?
How many shoe cakes could I have purchased with my earnings?
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Teamwork, that works for teams

Get feedback from peers, align with stakeholders, review diff views, endorse trusted data, and build from reusable components — all in the same place.

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Interactive apps and reporting

Publish your work into beautiful reports, data apps, and dashboards with a drag-and-drop UI builder.

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A new standard for data work

Hex helps 1,000s of teams do more with their data.

Rapid exploration on-demand

StubHub realigned its analytics stack with Hex for speed and quality.

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Operationalized data science

ClickUp used Hex to turn a data science churn project into a cross-functional, customer-saving program.

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One place for insights

Notion made Hex the one place for everyone, from data science to CX and sales, to make decisions with data.

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Empowering exploration

Modern Treasury uses Hex to enable Engineering, Product, and Design teams to explore on their own.

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Three G2 badges received by Hex for High Performer, Best Support, and Momentum Leader.

Users love Hex

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Our vision for Notion’s data team is that anyone, regardless of technical proficiency, is comfortable using data to answer their own questions — and Hex enables that.
Abhishek Modi

Abhishek Modi  ·  Software Engineer at Notion

Instant integration with the whole stack

Out-of-the-box connections and flexible APIs make setup a breeze.

Built for the warehouse

Hex has built-in connections to the most popular data warehouses, lakehouses, and databases. It’s easy to set up data connections, and securely share them with your team.
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dbt metadata, docs, & metrics

Hex has a deep integration with dbt, including automatically enriching schemas with dbt docs.
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Push your Python

Hex has deep integrations with Snowpark for Snowflake and Spark (soon), allowing you to push Python code to remote execution environments.
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Git it together

Export your projects to GitHub or GitLab to create an audit trail.
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You can include Hex projects in DAGs in Airflow, Dagster, or Prefect.
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Want to connect to something we haven't thought of? Use our powerful public API to write your own integrations.
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Built for security and control

Enterprise-grade security: SOC2, HIPAA, and privacy regulations.

Flexible deployment models

Multi-tenant, HIPAA, Single-Tenant, and Private Cloud options available

Easy authentication and authorization

SSO and SCIM with Google, AzureAD, Okta, and more

Secure database connections

SSL and pass-through OAuth available

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Build anything with data

Learn how to do almost anything in Hex, from complex ML forecasting to critical business dashboards.

Data Clustering

Unleash the power of data clustering—an unsupervised machine learning technique that uncovers patterns and groups similar data together without the need for labeled data.

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Cluster real
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Data Modeling

Take raw data and transform it into ready to use data sets for predictive models, interactive apps for exploration, or for company reporting.

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content based

Sentiment Analysis

Decipher subjective information in text to determine its polarity and subjectivity, explore advanced techniques and Python libraries for sentiment analysis.

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Time Series

Discover meaningful patterns and trends by visualizing data over time.

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Time Series Forecasting Cover
time series snowpard

KPI Dashboards

Track and monitor business KPIs, offer insights into sales performance, customer satisfaction, and operational efficiency.

Feature Usage
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Natural Language Processing

Empower your AI and ML applications to interpret, recognize, and generate human language with powerful Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms.

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Exploratory Analysis

Deep dives, rabbit holes, side quests, and ad-hoc explorations.

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Text to SQL
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Data Visualization

Transform raw data into actionable insights with interactive visualizations, dashboards, and data apps.

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